Tri-State Wind Symphony Information Sheet:
2019 Season

Three ways to submit this form:

  1. Complete, copy and paste into an email to
  2. Complete, print and bring to a rehearsal.
  3. Complete a copy at rehearsal and hand in.
Name ____________________________________________________
Instrument ____________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________
City / State / Zip Code ____________________________________________________
Home phone ____________________________________________________
Work phone ____________________________________________________
Cell ____________________________________________________
Email ____________________________________________________
Place of Employment ____________________________________________________
(in case your company donates to employee's non-profits)

I would be able to assist the band with the following:

______ Library (stuffing folders) ______ Publicity
______ Concert set-up ______ Willing to help move equipment
______ Have vehicle(s) to move equipment

Photo consent:

I hereby grant consent to the Tri-State Wind Symphony to use photographs containing my image to actively promote the TSWS, which may include printed publications; advertisements; audiovisual and electronic materials; media work; display materials; social media, and any other media we may use in the future.



Availability: Please check all dates that you are not available.

  May 21 (T-rehearsal)   June 27 (TH-concert)
  May 28 (T-rehearsal)   July 2 NO REHEARSAL
  May 30 (TH-concert)   July 9 (T-rehearsal)
  June 4 (T-rehearsal)   July 16 (T-rehearsal)
  June 11 (T-rehearsal)   July 18 (TH-concert)
  June 13 (TH-concert)   July 23 (T-rehearsal)
  June 18 (T-rehearsal)   July 30 (T-rehearsal)
  June 25 (T-rehearsal)   August 1 (TH-concert)